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Priorities for New Hampshire

Improve Education

Recent cuts to funding for public education are having devastating effects on parents and students. The Executive Council must prioritize New Hampshire students and their families by approving the essential funding needed to repair our public education system. We have everything we need to make this state a leader in education, especially families who understand that education is the path to success.

katherine talking to a group of young women

Protect Women’s Health & Reproductive Rights

As an Executive Council member, I will always vote to ensure funding for women’s health, and I will always fight against state efforts to undermine women’s rights. Funds for reproductive health are integral to women’s freedom.

Improve Economy and Access to Jobs

The New Hampshire economy is built on the backs of small businesses run by dedicated and vibrant citizens. It’s the Executive Council’s responsibility to support these businesses through infrastructure that makes it easy to find work, to find quality employees, to make a good profit, and to live with dignity.

Why I'm Running

I grew up in New Hampshire, and I have carried the key values of our great state with me throughout my life: practical problem solving, hard work, and smart planning for the future. New Hampshire has the values, the will, and the resources necessary to be a leader in education, smart growth economy, government accountability, and community strength. We need an Executive Council committed to distributing our resources where they’re needed most to maximize our growth for the future. I am running because I love this state, and I want to put in the hard work needed to lead our country into the future.

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About Katherine

About Katherine

I grew up in Hampton, NH and I am a product of the New Hampshire public school system. I have spent my life working in business and diplomacy, with a track record of consensus building and smart business management. I’m ready to put that experience to work for New Hampshire.

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