Priorities for New Hampshire

Protect Women’s Health & Reproductive Rights

The attacks against women’s reproductive rights in this nation, and in this state, are unprecedented and extremely dangerous. We are going backwards, against hard-earned and critical benefits for women, and it must stop. Make no mistake: I will always fight for women’s rights and reproductive health as a member of the Executive Council.

In July of 2022, the current Executive Council voted for the fourth time this year to block state funding for reproductive health centers in the state. This effectively blocks access to medical care for over 16,000 low-income New Hampshire citizens — funds that would have covered STD testing, family planning, and cancer screening for struggling families. This is unconscionable. We value freedom in New Hampshire, and the current Executive Council are categorically making political decisions that impinge on the freedoms of all women in this state. It must stop now.

With the current state of politics, and rollbacks against women’s rights across the country, it’s important for New Hampshire to live up to its values of freedom, and ensure women’s rights and access to reproductive health. My great-grandmother was a suffragette who fought for women’s rights to vote — I am dedicated to continuing the work of furthering women’s rights, and today’s battle is to ensure continued access to reproductive health. As an Executive Council member, I will always vote to ensure funding for women’s health, and I will always fight against state efforts to undermine women’s rights.

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